The Best Kind of Married and Looking Woman

Hot Milf in stockings and suspenders lying on her back with legs in the air spread wide exposing her pussy. The best technique a cougar has to tempt her young prey.

It’s very easy to think that if a woman is married and looking, that she’s good to go. There’s actually a lot going for this mindset because women who are looking for sex on the side are not looking to get emotionally engaged. They already have husbands. They already are getting emotional support from their families. They’re not looking for anything emotional. They’re looking for everything sexual and physical as you can see right here.

With that out of the way, you have to remember that there are many different types of women looking for this type of action. Just because there are a wide diversity of women looking to have sex on the side doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to fuck all these chicks. You have to understand that there will always be some sort of cost-benefit analysis required for you to succeed in any kind of activity in your life. Whether you’re talking about looking for a job, growing your business, developing better relationships, or improving yourself you need to always perform a cost-benefit analysis.

When it comes to banging women who are married and looking, the best cost and benefit analysis that I’ve done focuses on women who are less attractive. You have to remember that if you are dealing with a highly attractive woman, it’s very easy to get into emotional quicksand.

Don’t do it. Not only will you end up ruining her life, you might actually be putting your physical safety in jeopardy if you come across an angry husband with a handgun. So, it’s much better to deal with women that you feel less sexually attracted to. It’s easier to have sex with these women and not feel any kind of emotional attachment.

You are more likely to give these women respect and feel a lot of emotional distance. This can help both of you focus on the fun side of cheating sex.